It's important to understand why a mark is likely to cause marketplace confusion. For one thing, you don't want to spend the money and time to submit a trademark application which will be rejected because of the likelihood of confusion. Organizations should also be aware of similar marks and whether the use of these marks constitutes infringement.


Registered trademarks are protected by law. However, trademark violations are daily fair and you will certainly want to know as soon as somebody violates your rights. Trademarks Worldwide Ltd immediately informs you about who uses your a trademark similar to yours. Such knowledge enables you to effectively take action against trademark infringements.
Currently we are incorporating US, UK & Trademarks Worldwide Ltd into our databases.
Open your personal account and look up the results of your monitoring subscription any time. In addition, you may choose to either receive a weekly or monthly report or look up the results yourself.
Our computer systems evaluate similarity by using a combination of different algorithms. Although it is our trade secret how this process really works (just as, for example, Google® does not tell us the details of how search results are ranked), we can tell you that the Levenshtein distance plays a vital role amongst other factors.
Currently we are analyzing EU, UK & US trademarks. We are continuously expanding our portfolio and soon will be able to analyze trademarks from every country.


  • Golden Goose Delays IPO Amid European Political Unrest

    Golden Goose Delays IPO Amid European Political Unrest

    Italian luxury sneaker brand Golden Goose has postponed its planned stock market debut, originally set for 21 June, due to political instability across Europe. Uncertainty stemming from the European Parliament elections and unrest in France has notably disrupted European markets. This marks the first instance of a company withdrawing its IPO amid the electoral turmoil. Similarly, Norway's Equinor recently suspended the sale of a stake in the Rosebank oil project in the North Sea, citing similar political concerns. Golden Goose, known for its €500 distressed-look sneakers favored by celebrities like Taylor Swift, aimed for a market capitalization of €1.86 billion, exceeding market expectations. Owned by private equity firm Permira, this IPO would have been Italy's largest in over a year, following the gaming company Lottomatica's offering. The tag cloud below shows a list of trademarks filed by Golden Goose between January 2022 and May 2024 in Europe, highlighting the brand's expansive efforts in securing its intellectual property across various categories.


  • An update to our social media platforms report is now available

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  • Foreign Trademark Applications in Spain and Italy Highlight Chinese Dominance

    Foreign Trademark Applications in Spain and Italy Highlight Chinese Dominance

    An analysis of trademark applications in Spain and Italy from January to May 2024, focusing on the country of origin, reveals a significant presence of Chinese filings in both countries. The charts below depict the ten leading foreign countries filing trademarks. In Spain, China leads with a 20.1% share, followed by the United States at 17% and Italy at 5.5%. In Italy, China again dominates with a 30.1% share, followed by the United States at 11.5% and Switzerland at 5.6%. These figures underscore China’s aggressive strategy in securing intellectual property rights within key European markets, reflecting broader global business trends and competitive positioning. The data also highlights the notable presence of U.S. and Swiss trademarks, illustrating the diverse international interest in the Spanish and Italian markets.