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Ios App for Trademarks Monitoring. Additional mobile application for subscribers to easier access their trademark monitoring reports.

Ios App

Ios App for Designs Monitoring. Additional mobile application for subscribers to easier access their design monitoring reports.

Ios App
Purpose of the app is provide alternative access to report results for our customers. Customers are design holders who can check similar design ready for registration in official institution and, where appropriate, object to a registration based on such similarity.


  • Shift in .Art Domain Pricing Strategy

    Shift in .Art Domain Pricing Strategy

    Today marked a significant recalibration in the .art domain name ecosystem, as the registry overseeing it transitioned approximately one million domains from its premium pricing echelon down to standard rates, a move away from the previous $70 wholesale benchmark. This adjustment brings the cost closer to the $12-$20 retail range commonly seen for standard .art domain registrations, with Namecheap, the domain's leading registrar, offering an introductory rate of $2.88 for the first year. Despite this sizable shift, around 2.375 million .art domains remain pegged at premium levels—a figure that notably surpasses the norm for domain registries. Originally, the .art registry designated approximately 3.5 million domains as premium, a quantity so substantial that GoDaddy, a major player in the domain registration field, initially opted to focus exclusively on standard-level .art domains, though it has since expanded to include premium options. Currently, the .art domain boasts about 250,000 names actively registered across various top registrars, including Namecheap, GoDaddy, Tucows, and Squarespace, with a notable portion originating from Google Domains, showcasing a broad and diversified adoption across the digital landscape. The chart below shows the .art TLD domain's worldwide distribution share as approximately 0.28%, based on data from worldwide trademarks.


  • Microsoft's Strategic Expansion in Spain with a $2.1 Billion AI and Cloud Investment

    Microsoft's Strategic Expansion in Spain with a $2.1 Billion AI and Cloud Investment

    In a major step to enhance its technological presence, U.S. software giant Microsoft has unveiled plans to invest $2.1 billion in expanding its artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud infrastructure in Spain over the next two years, as shared by Vice Chair and President Brad Smith on the social media platform X. This development follows the company's recent announcement of a €3.2 billion investment aimed at AI advancements in Germany, highlighting Microsoft's aggressive push into European markets. While further details remain under wraps, with Microsoft yet to offer additional information in response to queries, Smith highlights that the investment goes beyond just constructing data centers. It stands as a robust commitment to Spain's security and the digital transformation of its government, businesses, and citizens, continuing Microsoft's 37-year-long dedication to the country. The tag cloud below shows all trademarks filled by Microsoft in EU during 2023.


  • EDF's Financial Resurgence Amid Challenges

    EDF's Financial Resurgence Amid Challenges

    In a notable reversal of fortunes, France's EDF (Électricité de France) reported a return to profitability last year, boasting earnings of ten billion euros and concurrently diminishing its debt by an identical figure. This resurgence was facilitated by elevated energy prices and the reactivation of multiple nuclear reactors. The transformation is particularly striking considering the company's previous state, having been nationalized in June after a debilitating 18 billion euro loss in 2022, attributed to reactor outages and regulated energy tariffs. Despite this positive development, EDF confronts persistent obstacles including escalating costs, delays in British nuclear projects, and a dip in domestic electricity prices. The company also recognized a €7.9 billion after-tax impairment regarding its operations in the UK, amidst France's call for increased British governmental investment in the Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C nuclear stations. This tag cloud displays a trademark applications filed by EDF in France during 2023.