We check new domain registrations all around the world and immediately show you when new domains contain your trademark. There are hundreds of millions of internet domains - more than 100,000 are added every day. We check every single internet domain registration as far as technically possible and immediately show you any domain that contains your trademark name.


Domains monitoring means regular check for newly registered, expiring and expired domain names identical or similar with trademark name of trademark holder. Trademark holders are notified about any move/change of domains relevant for their business.
You will have an overview of each domain with identical or similar name. This means you can check whether the domain accidentally violates your trademark. This can happen, for example, when a web site in someone else's property is presenting your product or service. In such case you can implemented Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy explained below. Moreover, if the domain does not violate your trademark but you want to get it into your portfolio for future monetization, you will be notified proper in time when domain expired or is expiring. Monitoring outputs can achieved cancel, suspend, or transfer a domain name from previous registrants who violates trademark holders rights.
If there is no other way to get a domain with the same or the same name as your trademark, the last option is to borrow the domain and buy it later. That is why you can use our draft where you will find all the important legal details regarding the rental agreement of domains for business purposes. Our draft can be find in customer dashboard.
After receiving the reference number, register on the web portal. After successful registration, the service will be activated for you. The first information outputs will be displayed after a few hours.


  • Germany Backs EU Import Tax Overhaul Targeting Shein and Temu

    Germany Backs EU Import Tax Overhaul Targeting Shein and Temu

    Germany is supporting an EU proposal to end a tax exemption for low-value parcels that has benefitted Chinese online retailers Shein and Temu. Critics in the U.S. argue these companies exploit the exemption to offer ultra-cheap products like $8 dresses and $25 smartwatches while avoiding customs checks. Under current EU rules, items valued under €150 are duty-free, a loophole that Germany's retail association, Handelsverband Deutschland (HDE), says has led to a surge in small parcels from non-EU countries, overwhelming customs authorities. German Finance Minister Christian Lindner has signaled support for abolishing the duty-free limit as part of broader EU customs reforms proposed in May 2023. Shein and Temu, however, defend their practices, citing efficient supply chains and technological models as key to their affordability, not the tax break. Ecommerce Europe warns that removing the exemption could increase trade tensions, particularly with the U.S. The European Parliament's preliminary approval of the reform bill in March awaits further review post-European elections in June. The EU Commission noted that two billion parcels valued under €150 entered the EU in 2023, often undervalued to exploit the exemption, underscoring the need for reform. Chart below shows online retailers from which global shoppers made their most recent cross-border purchase in 2023 (in %).


  • An update to our design & design patterns report is now available

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  • Lenovo's Profit Surge and Strategic Expansion Amid AI Boom

    Lenovo's Profit Surge and Strategic Expansion Amid AI Boom

    Lenovo has reported a staggering 118% increase in quarterly net profit, reaching $248 million, with sales rising nine percent, surpassing analysts' expectations. This impressive growth is attributed to a resurgence in computer demand, including new AI-enabled PCs designed for efficient artificial intelligence applications. After five consecutive quarters of declining revenue due to reduced post-pandemic demand for computers and servers, Lenovo's revenue has now risen for the second straight quarter. The company is diversifying beyond PCs, expanding into smartphones, servers, and IT services, with its services division seeing a nine percent revenue increase to $1.8 billion from January to March. Analysts from Morgan Stanley forecast that Lenovo stands to gain significantly from the increasing interest in AI computers across Asia. This chart shows estimated worldwide PC shipments (in millions) per year between 2008 and 2023.