Brands Reports


We systematically examine the competing companies of our customers and inform them about all similar brands. Monitoring of competing companies with a similar business portfolio. Searching for similar design patterns in the logos of competing companies. Immediately notifications if a correlation or similarity is found.


Every business owner should have an overview of their competitors in the vicinity of their business. This service is focused on just that. This service is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about their competition.
Using our internal tools, we analyze open company data based on their business characteristics and business models. Subsequent results are classified geographically.
Although the service is primarily intended for business owners, it can also be used by entities that are currently considering starting their own business. With the help of our reports, they will obtain data sources that will help them with SWOT analysis.
After receiving the reference number, register on the web portal. After successful registration, the service will be activated for you. The first information outputs will be displayed after a few hours.


  • An update to our design & design patterns report is now available

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  • Lenovo's Profit Surge and Strategic Expansion Amid AI Boom

    Lenovo's Profit Surge and Strategic Expansion Amid AI Boom

    Lenovo has reported a staggering 118% increase in quarterly net profit, reaching $248 million, with sales rising nine percent, surpassing analysts' expectations. This impressive growth is attributed to a resurgence in computer demand, including new AI-enabled PCs designed for efficient artificial intelligence applications. After five consecutive quarters of declining revenue due to reduced post-pandemic demand for computers and servers, Lenovo's revenue has now risen for the second straight quarter. The company is diversifying beyond PCs, expanding into smartphones, servers, and IT services, with its services division seeing a nine percent revenue increase to $1.8 billion from January to March. Analysts from Morgan Stanley forecast that Lenovo stands to gain significantly from the increasing interest in AI computers across Asia. This chart shows estimated worldwide PC shipments (in millions) per year between 2008 and 2023.


  • Netflix Studios Ventures into Gaming with 'Underwatermelon' Trademark

    Netflix Studios Ventures into Gaming with 'Underwatermelon' Trademark

    On 3rd May, Netflix Studios filed for an EU trademark for "UNDERWATERMELON" signaling its foray into the gaming industry. The trademark encompasses downloadable game software, highlighting Netflix's expanding entertainment portfolio. This move includes providing online computer, electronic, and video games, as well as offering temporary access to non-downloadable interactive games. This initiative reflects Netflix's strategy to diversify beyond streaming and capture the growing gaming market, potentially engaging a broader audience and enhancing its digital entertainment services. This tag cloud shows Netflix's EU trademark portfolio.