After receiving the reference number, please register and then confirm the email. If the email can't be found, try checking the spam folder. After activation, the service is available and the services start automatically.
You can manage your account from your dashboard in the "Your Personal Account" section. You can set the two factor authentication setting by clicking the settings icon.
One of the biggest benefits of the service is the quality and relevance of the data you get by regularly monitoring critical areas of intellectual property. Based on this, you will get a better overview of the situation and position or possible misuse of your brand. Thanks to the data obtained, you can take measures to better protect your brand.
By reports we mean regular information output in pdf format from critical areas of intellectual property that directly or indirectly concern your brand. By regularity, we mean monthly or weekly updates of monitoring results, which guarantee the up-to-dateness of information.
In addition to the mentioned data, we also provide statistical indicators, news from the world of intellectual property, regular sending of monitoring results by post and regular dissemination of monitoring areas. we want to expand monitoring to other areas. For the area of ​​social networks, the TikTok and WhatsApp platforms. For the ecommerce area, the Alibaba platform as well as the extension of monitoring to the area of ​​patents and the addition of other countries for the area of ​​trademarks.
A more detailed description of the individual areas that are part of our services can be found in the subpages of this website.

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