It is useful for trademark and brand owners to have reliable services to track sellers and counterfeit products on major online e-commerce platforms. One of such large ecommerce ecosystem is definitely eBay and Amazon.


If your business focuses on selling products on large online platforms, then this service is key for you.
We have developed tools to search all products on the Amazon and eBay platforms according to the name of your brand or trademark. You can also specify search parameters based on region or product category.
Yes. Consider a situation where you sell your products only in retail stores. The results of the reports will give you an overview of which products are sold online, as well as a similar or identical name to the name of your product, as well as the region from which the product originates and the product type / category itself.
After receiving the reference number, register on the web portal. After successful registration, the service will be activated for you. The first information outputs will be displayed after a few hours.


  • BYD Files Trademark for 'DENZA' in EU, Expanding Auto Services

    BYD Files Trademark for 'DENZA' in EU, Expanding Auto Services

    On 9 May, BYD Company Limited filed an EU trademark featuring Chinese characters representing 'DENZA,' a brand born from a joint venture between BYD Auto Industry and the Mercedes-Benz Group. The trademark application covers a wide range of automotive services, including motor vehicle maintenance and repair, vehicle cleaning, anti-rust treatments, vehicle washing and polishing, electric vehicle charging, battery charging, breakdown repair services, greasing, and lubrication. This move underscores the partnership's commitment to expanding and enhancing their vehicle service offerings across Europe.


  • An update to our trademark report is now available

      To access it, please log in to your account and go to the "Trademark" section. If you're not registered yet, simply sign up with your reference number.


  • Yogurt Brands Leverage Streaming and TikTok to Connect with Younger Audiences

    Yogurt Brands Leverage Streaming and TikTok to Connect with Younger Audiences

    Oikos, Too Good & Co., and Light + Fit are capitalizing on the streaming and TikTok trends to promote their Remix collection of yogurt snacks, aiming to strengthen connections with younger audiences. According to cited research, a significant majority of Gen Z (73%) and over half of millennials (56%) enjoy snacking while streaming. The initiative aligns with the growing demand for healthier snacks, with over three-quarters of Americans seeking better-for-you options. The "Remix Snack & Streamapalooza" event features four 15-minute sessions, each hosted by influencers from diverse fields, including gaming, reality TV, and sports, to engage viewers authentically. The lineup includes TikTok creator CozyK, reality TV alum Deepti Vempati, headliner Graham, and football player Isaac Rochell. The event includes opportunities to win prizes, such as lifetime streaming service subscriptions and a month's worth of Remix products. Consumers can participate via Instagram or TikTok by commenting on specific posts with designated hashtags and tagging a friend. This latest campaign by Danone North America's yogurt brands follows previous marketing efforts, including Super Bowl ads and Women’s History Month packaging. Danone's first-quarter results showed a 2.5% sales increase in North America, partly attributed to the success of Oikos. This tag cloud visualizes the most frequent words used in Danone's trademarks worldwide.